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Who Do We Work With?

We are a boutique Agency, our goal is to get the absolute best results for our clients. We only work with a limited number of businesses. Do YOU fit our Client Profile?

Our Step By Step Process

FREE CONSULTATION CALL: Discuss your goals and challenges.

IN-DEPTH AUDIT: Review your current campaigns and website for opportunities.

CUSTOM STRATEGY PLAN: We create a plan that is just for your unique business.

AI-DRIVEN CAMPAIGN SETUP: Implement strategies with AI precision.

ONGOING OPTIMISATION: Continuously refine for maximum ROI.

SCALE UP: Increase budget to amplify profitable leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Today, AI has a remarkable ability to quickly gather information on your industry, your potential customers and your competitiors. It does this very quickly, allowing for a lot more data to create highly targetted and high converting campaigns.  AI can read all the data once your ads are running and reommend improvements.  However, you still need human experts to throughly understand all this data and check it is correct. Streamshare uses both 

Absolutely not.  We believe in our results, so we have an on-going month-by-month contract.  You can cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice.  However, to really get your campaign working at its optimum you should give it 3 months.  There is a lot to tweak to get the best results and we need time to test our campaigns.

Absolutely not! We have a monthly Management Fee and your determined Ad Spend Budget.  There are no other expenses to manage your campaigns.  We believe in full transparency. 

That depends!  Once we understand your business, products/services, target audience and your competitors we will be able to give you a target for your Budget before you get started. To get any meaningful results you need to be prepared to allocate a minimum of £1,000 per month.

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We provide expert consulting and financial advice to both individuals and businesses. We provide expert consulting and financial advice to both individuals and businesses. We provide expert consulting and financial advice to both individuals and businesses.